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The Start of Something New

Writing is a way to process thoughts and memories from travel. From books to blog posts; I like to process mine.

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For over ten years I was a blogger, becoming one of the first to have blogged from every country in the World (UN 193). At the time it was a way to make some money while traveling, and simultaneously keeping friends and family at home updated on my whereabouts and activities on the road.

My blog which was called was at the end hacked, and my posts were moved to a site called Now I have decided to close down the blog, and start over. In a new environment, where the goal is not work with it to make money, but simply to jot down some words once in a while when I feel for it and have time for it.

But time is also precious, and since the time when I first started the whole blogging market has changed. There are more players on the field and the prices and payouts go to the ones who put their life into it, and sometimes the ones who also let companies on board for promotion. What this little blog of mine will become, we will see. First comes travel. Writing comes after. Perhaps I'll even embark on a new book project. Time will show.