• Vagabjorn on TV and Radio

    A journey can be told from many angles. Below I have tried to gather some links to radio and TV shows that I have joined over the years.

    Listen in on the topics and stations that you are most interested in hearing. Wether its radio, TV or podcast..

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     All quiet on the media front ;)



    April 24th: Travels to Western Sahara, Globusrullett Podcast, Norway

    March 27th 2023: Project Borderless, Globusrullett Podcast, Norway

    March 16th 2022: Car crash in Iran, NRK P1, Norway

    September 9th 2021: Interview with "Regins Travels", Philippines

    June 26th 2021: Interview “Every Country in the World”, NaughtyNomad, Ireland
    March 12th 2021: Advertisement for guiding services, Guidecompaniet, Norway
    February 13th 2021: Travel show on Kurdish TV, Zhyan
    January 24th 2021: Driving from Norway to Iraq (from 08m08s), NRK Super TV
    January 21st 2021: Advertisement for food delivery in Iraq, Talabatey

    December 20th2020: Iraqi Radio Interview, Al Rasheed
    December 6th 2020: Iraqi TV interview, SuperTV
    November 19th 2020: Interview, Pandemic Travelers Series
    September 26th 2020: German Radio Interview, Deutschlandfunknova
    June 1st 2020: Traveling Norway on a motorbike, TV 2 news, TV2



    December 30th: Travel Tips on newschannel, TV2 Nyhetskanalen
    December 29th: Travel Podcast, Hekta på Reise
    November 14th: Travel safety, God Morgen Norge, TV2
    November 8th: Couchsurfing and budget traveling, NRK P1 Vestfold
    November 7th: Book launch, Radio Sandefjord
    October 28th: Book launch, NRK P1 Rogaland
    April 16th: Every country travels, NRK P1 Rogaland
    April 15th: Every country travels, NRK P1 Sør-Trøndelag
    April 12th: Interviewed about travels to every country, Jærradioen
    April 3rd: Interviewed about my favorite countries, MetroSør
    April 3rd: Interviewed about my presentation tour, MetroSør
    April 1st: Interviewed about travels to every country, Radio Tromsø
    March 22nd: Hosted on the Morning show, God Morgen Norge, TV2
    January 24th: Interviewed about travel plans for 2019, Jærradioen

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